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As any car enthusiast will tell you, the first and best way to boost the performance of your car is usually to acquire professional springs. One of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to performance springs, is Eibach. This classic German company, which has been actively building and developing spring components for over 60 years, is unparalleled when it comes to improving the handling and looks of your car. Its famous kits – the Pro-Kit and the Sportline – are the benchmarks of the car tuning industry. Read on to find out about Eibach and their products.

The Eibach company

Founded in 1951, the Eibach company is a pioneer when it comes to improving car performance. With decades of experience, unrelenting focus and unmatched passion for cars and driving, the engineers at Eibach are searching to find the best solutions for the hardest problems. And the results are clear. With clients in over 80 countries, Eibach is one of the biggest producers of spring components in the world, setting the standard for what a car spring can do to boast performance and handling.

Building the perfect spring

How does Eibach achieve the significant improvement their spring components offer? Of course, it all starts with the right materials. Engineers at Eibach are always working with the best German steel available. Reliable and strong, this enables the spectacular designs that Team Eibach is known for. The perfect spring is a combination of the best material, flawless design and a passion for cars. No wonder that their springs are used in professional race driving – this is a combination that is very hard to beat, especially at the price it is offered at.


The Pro-Kit and the Sportline

Eibach is especially well known for their spring kits. The Pro-Kit has reached a legendary status. They contain everything the aspiring car tuner needs to dramatically improve the way a car performs, handles, and looks – but also save on fuel by making the car drive a lot more economical. These professional spring sets lower the car several inches, adjusting the center of gravity in order to reduce nose diving and hand the driver more control in corners or at higher speeds. The sporty companion of the Pro-Kit, the Sportline, offers the same quality materials but achieves an even more impressive improvement – while never compromising driving comfort.

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