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Bilstein: a revolution in suspension

Ask any car owner what he wants to change about his car, and the chances are he will tell you: the suspension. Quality springs and suspension can drastically improve the way a car handles, and save on fuel as well. Bilstein is one of the leading brands in this field, creating the best possible suspension solutions for a wide array of models. Ever since the company was started, it has revolutionized the car industry by creating suspension kits of unequaled quality and design. Want to know more? Read on to find out about the different products on offer.

A rich history in car innovation

It is hard to believe, but Bilstein was founded in 1873 – that is over 140 years ago. Since that time, the company has made its name synonymous with quality and innovation. Throughout its history, the focus at Bilstein has always been at improving the existing suspension systems in new and different ways. In the 1950s, Bilstein was the first to produce the monotube gas pressure shock absorber, which is now the industry standard. Since then, innovation hasn’t stopped – and Bilstein is still the leading producer of suspension parts.


Ahead of the pack: leading technology

The car industry is constantly changing. The philosophy at Bilstein has always been to anticipate this change, and come up with innovative and high-tech products that match the expectations of car owners. With all the in-house experience, the suspension systems that Bilstein creates are made with the best materials, according to the newest designs, and road tested in the most rigorous way possible. Their unrivaled knowledge and passion allows for spectacular products. This combination of innovation, quality and safety means that Bilstein is always one step ahead of the competition.

Many different Bilstein products

As a costumer, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to Bilstein suspension kits. From the well-known B12 Pro-Kit, which significantly boosts a car’s street performance, to the adventurous off-road products like the B6 4600: for every type of car, and for every type of driver, there is a fitting solution. Whatever your particular wishes are, with Bilstein you can be sure to get exactly what you need – without ever jeopardizing your safety or your driving comfort in the slightest. Each product is created with the same amount of care and focus that car enthusiasts have come to expect from Bilstein over the years.

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