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Month: May 2016

AP Suspension: enter the world of tuning

Fast cars, hot girls, impressive driving: welcome to the world of car tuning. AP Suspension is spearheading this exciting scene of car enthusiasts by offering some of the best quality suspension kits available. With an unfailing energy and impressive eye for detail, it has changed the industry with a combination of quality products and a refreshing vision on what it means to drive. If you are a car owner looking to improve your driving pleasure and increase the performance of your car, there is no better place to start than at AP Suspension.

What is AP Suspension?

Over ten years ago, the German company AP Sportfahrwerke was founded. With a focus on competence and quality typical of German manufacturers, the company has quickly grown to be a serious player in the car suspension industry. The goal of the company is to channel their enthusiasm for car sports into the creation of the best possible products – with no compromise on quality, but always at a reasonable price. Proof that they have been very successful at doing so is the fact that after just a decade, their products are up there with the best suspension kits on the market today.

A perfect solution for every situation

What is it that makes AP Suspension so special? To find an answer, all you must do is to take a look at their product range. For the regular car owner looking to improve the performance and handling of his machine, it is like a dream come true. The best sport suspension kits and lowering kits, suitable for a wide variety of car models, are available at a very low price. By using only the best German steel and other materials, and built with precision, you can be assured that these suspension sets will give your car the boost you desire.

Sport suspension kits by AP

One of the most impressive feats of engineering AP Suspension is known for, is found in the sport suspension kits. These sets aim to increase your driving experience on all fronts: to make you enjoy the sensation of driving, to save on fuel and improve handling, and to make sure you are comfortable even in more extreme driving situations, like taking curves at high speeds. The kits lower the car up to 60 millimeters, which improves the agility of the car for a real sporting experience. If you are looking to tune your car, you cannot go wrong with a set by AP Suspension.