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OBD apps: using your smartphone to tune your car

A lot has been happening in the car tuning world lately. One of the most prominent developments which car owners can tune their car, has been taking place on the digital field. Using a simple dongle connection to the on-board diagnosis (OBD) of your car, your phone can easily be turned into the most powerful car tuning tool you have ever held in your hands. In an instant, the car user is granted access to the most intimate secrets of his car.

Car data
Every car shares information with its driver. At all times, we get to see the speed with which we drive, the engine revolutions, and the temperature of the engine. But modern cars continually measure a lot more things than you might think. A diagnostic system (OBD) is constantly running, and measuring everything from torque and engine power to braking power and fuel flow. Highly useful information if you want to improve your ride in any way! The information is already there: all you must do is connect your phone.

Advanced data collection by German car brand

OBD apps: improving all the time

Apps that allow you to look into the performance and fuel use of your car have been improving over the last few years. Well known paid apps like Dash Command offer a clear and accurate picture of what your car is up to, but more and more free apps are starting to compete. The software plugs straight into the command center of your car, and gives a visually comprehensive overview of what is happening inside your car. You can even view what is happening in real-time, as you are driving! Most apps also boast more advanced options, like tracking a braking pattern or logging acceleration. This is especially useful if you are looking to improve your driving, or if you want to know what part of the car needs to be tuned next.

Getting started with an OBD-dongle

Connecting to the OBD of your car might seem tricky – but in fact, it is not. All you need is a simple dongle device, which can connect the car computer to the app on your phone. These dongles are widely available and reasonably priced. The systems will work on all cars that have a modern OBD system, which has been the standard since 1996. Chances are, soon you’ll be able to read your car data like a professional!

What are the car tuning trends in 2017?

As a proud car owner, surely you are wondering what the newest trends in the car tuning world are going to be for this year. What should you be paying extra attention to? And – just as important: what is decidedly out of fashion this year? Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable developments in car tuning to enter the spotlights in 2017.

Carbon is the way to go

Carbon spoilers, carbon bumpers, carbon covers – carbon everything. This trend comes straight from Ferrari, who first used it in the F40 model. Ever since, carbon has been taking over the car tuning scene step by step. In 2017, it looks as if everything is turning into carbon. Even carbon fiber wheels are now entering the market! Although the material is expensive, production is becoming cheaper all the time, and the attractive looks and reduced weight means carbon will be a highly attractive alternative for serious car tuners going forward.

Vintage wheels: back to the classics

Every so often designers – and car owners – go on a nostalgic streak. When it comes to wheels, lately, we seem to be going back to the source. This trend started when Porsche put classic vintage rims on their 911 Sport Classic. Now, everyone seems to be yearning for the designs of yesteryear. When it comes to wheels and rims, it looks like 2017 is going to be a blast from the past.

Vintage style wheels of Porsche


Another way the car scene is taking its inspiration from the past in 2017 is found in the retromodding trend. Not to be confused with a restoration, which is all about finding the original factory parts, retromodding is the practice of combining the timeless, stylish looks of a vintage car with the latest high-performance parts we have access to today. These retromoddings are often highly expensive – but the results are nothing short of amazing.

Back to factory specs

It seems that in 2017, car owners are mostly concerned with looking back. One of the most remarkable trends that we’re seeing is how people are returning their tuned cars back to factory settings. Perhaps as a response to the excessive tuning of the previous decade, it seems that having a Corrado or a Celica in pristine factory condition is much more appealing than having one with big rims and a turbo exhaust.

Performance springs by Eibach

As any car enthusiast will tell you, the first and best way to boost the performance of your car is usually to acquire professional springs. One of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to performance springs, is Eibach. This classic German company, which has been actively building and developing spring components for over 60 years, is unparalleled when it comes to improving the handling and looks of your car. Its famous kits – the Pro-Kit and the Sportline – are the benchmarks of the car tuning industry. Read on to find out about Eibach and their products.

The Eibach company

Founded in 1951, the Eibach company is a pioneer when it comes to improving car performance. With decades of experience, unrelenting focus and unmatched passion for cars and driving, the engineers at Eibach are searching to find the best solutions for the hardest problems. And the results are clear. With clients in over 80 countries, Eibach is one of the biggest producers of spring components in the world, setting the standard for what a car spring can do to boast performance and handling.

Building the perfect spring

How does Eibach achieve the significant improvement their spring components offer? Of course, it all starts with the right materials. Engineers at Eibach are always working with the best German steel available. Reliable and strong, this enables the spectacular designs that Team Eibach is known for. The perfect spring is a combination of the best material, flawless design and a passion for cars. No wonder that their springs are used in professional race driving – this is a combination that is very hard to beat, especially at the price it is offered at.


The Pro-Kit and the Sportline

Eibach is especially well known for their spring kits. The Pro-Kit has reached a legendary status. They contain everything the aspiring car tuner needs to dramatically improve the way a car performs, handles, and looks – but also save on fuel by making the car drive a lot more economical. These professional spring sets lower the car several inches, adjusting the center of gravity in order to reduce nose diving and hand the driver more control in corners or at higher speeds. The sporty companion of the Pro-Kit, the Sportline, offers the same quality materials but achieves an even more impressive improvement – while never compromising driving comfort.

Bilstein: a revolution in suspension

Ask any car owner what he wants to change about his car, and the chances are he will tell you: the suspension. Quality springs and suspension can drastically improve the way a car handles, and save on fuel as well. Bilstein is one of the leading brands in this field, creating the best possible suspension solutions for a wide array of models. Ever since the company was started, it has revolutionized the car industry by creating suspension kits of unequaled quality and design. Want to know more? Read on to find out about the different products on offer.

A rich history in car innovation

It is hard to believe, but Bilstein was founded in 1873 – that is over 140 years ago. Since that time, the company has made its name synonymous with quality and innovation. Throughout its history, the focus at Bilstein has always been at improving the existing suspension systems in new and different ways. In the 1950s, Bilstein was the first to produce the monotube gas pressure shock absorber, which is now the industry standard. Since then, innovation hasn’t stopped – and Bilstein is still the leading producer of suspension parts.


Ahead of the pack: leading technology

The car industry is constantly changing. The philosophy at Bilstein has always been to anticipate this change, and come up with innovative and high-tech products that match the expectations of car owners. With all the in-house experience, the suspension systems that Bilstein creates are made with the best materials, according to the newest designs, and road tested in the most rigorous way possible. Their unrivaled knowledge and passion allows for spectacular products. This combination of innovation, quality and safety means that Bilstein is always one step ahead of the competition.

Many different Bilstein products

As a costumer, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to Bilstein suspension kits. From the well-known B12 Pro-Kit, which significantly boosts a car’s street performance, to the adventurous off-road products like the B6 4600: for every type of car, and for every type of driver, there is a fitting solution. Whatever your particular wishes are, with Bilstein you can be sure to get exactly what you need – without ever jeopardizing your safety or your driving comfort in the slightest. Each product is created with the same amount of care and focus that car enthusiasts have come to expect from Bilstein over the years.

AP Suspension: enter the world of tuning

Fast cars, hot girls, impressive driving: welcome to the world of car tuning. AP Suspension is spearheading this exciting scene of car enthusiasts by offering some of the best quality suspension kits available. With an unfailing energy and impressive eye for detail, it has changed the industry with a combination of quality products and a refreshing vision on what it means to drive. If you are a car owner looking to improve your driving pleasure and increase the performance of your car, there is no better place to start than at AP Suspension.

What is AP Suspension?

Over ten years ago, the German company AP Sportfahrwerke was founded. With a focus on competence and quality typical of German manufacturers, the company has quickly grown to be a serious player in the car suspension industry. The goal of the company is to channel their enthusiasm for car sports into the creation of the best possible products – with no compromise on quality, but always at a reasonable price. Proof that they have been very successful at doing so is the fact that after just a decade, their products are up there with the best suspension kits on the market today.

A perfect solution for every situation

What is it that makes AP Suspension so special? To find an answer, all you must do is to take a look at their product range. For the regular car owner looking to improve the performance and handling of his machine, it is like a dream come true. The best sport suspension kits and lowering kits, suitable for a wide variety of car models, are available at a very low price. By using only the best German steel and other materials, and built with precision, you can be assured that these suspension sets will give your car the boost you desire.

Sport suspension kits by AP

One of the most impressive feats of engineering AP Suspension is known for, is found in the sport suspension kits. These sets aim to increase your driving experience on all fronts: to make you enjoy the sensation of driving, to save on fuel and improve handling, and to make sure you are comfortable even in more extreme driving situations, like taking curves at high speeds. The kits lower the car up to 60 millimeters, which improves the agility of the car for a real sporting experience. If you are looking to tune your car, you cannot go wrong with a set by AP Suspension.